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Last Updated: March 11, 2024


At HowdyGo Pty Ltd, we are committed to ensuring the protection and security of personal data we process. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this page provides detailed information about our subprocessors – third-party businesses we engage to process personal data on behalf of our clients.

List of Subprocessors

Below is the list of subprocessors we currently engage, along with the purpose for their use:

1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Purpose: Cloud infrastructure and services for hosting and data storage.

Location: USA

2. Vercel

Purpose: Cloud platform for deploying, hosting, and managing web applications.

Location: USA

3. Slack

Purpose: Internal communication and collaboration tool.

Location: USA

4. HubSpot

Purpose: Customer relationship management and marketing automation platform.

Location: USA

5. PostHog

Purpose: Analytics platform for understanding user behavior and improving product experience.

Location: USA

6. Stripe

Purpose: Payment processing services.

Location: USA

7. Crisp

Purpose: Offers in-app chat services for customer support and engagement.

Location: Europe


Purpose: Used for emailing users, facilitating communication and information dissemination.

Location: USA

9. Retool

Purpose: Provides a platform to build internal tools and interfaces rapidly.

Location: United States

10. Zapier

Purpose: Data connections and integrations for internal processes.

Location: United States

11. Sentry

Purpose: Stores debug logs for our extension and servers.

Location: United States

12. Webflow

Purpose: External facing marketing website hosting.

Location: United States

13. Google Analytics

Purpose: External marketing website traffic analysis.

Location: United States

14. LinkedIn

Purpose: Advertising tracking using LinkedIn's Insights tracking code.

Location: United States

15. Meta

Purpose: Advertising tracking using Meta's tracking code.

Location: United States

Data Protection and Security

We ensure that all subprocessors engaged by HowdyGo Pty Ltd are compliant with GDPR and adhere to the highest standards of data protection and security. This includes contractual obligations around data processing, confidentiality, and security measures to safeguard data.

Updates to Subprocessors

We may update this list from time to time as our business needs evolve and as we engage new subprocessors or discontinue relationships with existing ones. We encourage you to regularly review this page for the latest information.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns regarding our use of subprocessors or data protection practices, please contact us