Initial Engagements

Initial Engagements

Screenshot of the Initial Engagements conversion rate

Here we look at the conversion rate between an impression and the first interaction with your demo. This is represented as the % of viewers who saw your demo and interacted.

It is shown as the conversion rate grouped by week, so that you can see whether changes to the content in your first step, or changes to your distribution method have had a positive effect on your initial engagement rate.

First interactions include:

  • Clicking on the first annotation
  • Clicking on the "Primary" button on a modal view.

Questions to answer with initial engagement data

  1. Do people click on the first step?
  2. Are people aware that the demo is interactive?

How to improve your initial engagement metrics

Distribution changes

Consider how you are setting the context to the user about the demo.

  1. Is it possible they are not aware this is an interactive demo?

Content changes

Viewers need to see something interesting to engage, introducing blockers to them experiencing your demo might stop them from interacting.

  1. Remove lead capture forms that are "gating" their viewing
  2. Adjust the content of the annotations you have on the first step of your demo
  3. Make the first screen visible on your demo more eye-catching