Screenshot of the impressions bar graph over time

Impressions are the number of people who have seen your demo.

The stacked bar-chart shows you how many people have viewed your demo over time. If you have multiple demos you will see multiple different colors stacked, with each color representing a different demo.


Combine the impression data from HowdyGo with the impression data from a tool like Google Analytics to understand the % of people who view the page that your demo is on.

You can also integrate HowdyGo data with Google Analytics to create these reports in one tool.

Questions to answer with impression data

  1. Are people viewing the page with the demo on it?
  2. Do people see the demo (if it's below the fold)?
  3. Do people hover over it/scroll past it?

How to improve your impression metrics

If you are seeing low impressions, particularly relative to the impression data from your page analytics, you can tweak the location of the demo or the way you "set context" for the viewer.

  1. Reconsider where your demos are located in your site structure. You might need to put it in a more obvious location.
  2. Adjust the location of the demo on the page (if it's embedded). Move it higher up the page or above the fold.
  3. If your demo is on a separate page, change the call to action linking to your demo. Something like "Try it now" can work.
  4. Introduce a title like "Try it out now" before your embed.