Editing Demo Steps

Editing Demo Steps

Once you capture a demo, you can tweak and edit it as much as you like. We built HowdyGo to make it easy to edit demos post recording, so you only ever need to record once.

Editing an Annotation

You can easily edit an annotation to more clearly call out specific parts of your interface.

Inserting Section Break Steps

Section break steps are a great way to:

  • Break up a longer demo into discrete sections that can then be used with a demo checklist.
  • Add call to action buttons or lead capture fields into the demo.

Deleting Steps

To delete a step, just click the trash icon on the step's thumbnail. If you have a few steps to delete, you can also use the delete or backspace keys on your keybard to make things a bit easier.


Deleted a step by mistake? Don't stress. You can easily add steps back in as described in adding new steps.

Reordering Steps

To reorder a step, simply drag and drop its thumbnail to a new position in the demo.

Inserting New Steps

There are 3 main ways in which you can add steps to a demo:

  1. Duplicating an existing step: This allows you to fully duplicate a step including the annotation's text.
  2. Inserting a step from current demo: This lets you insert any step that was originally recorded in the demo including any steps you may have previously deleted.
  3. Inserting new steps into the demo: This will let you use the Chrome extension to capture a brand new demo flow that will be appended to the end of the chosen demo.