Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms allow you to ask a viewer for personal information before progressing through the demo. They can be added at any stage of the demo (start, end or any other step) and can be used to collect information like:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Country

Collected leads are saved in HowdyGo and can then be passed on to your CRM or any other one of our integrations. This lets you configure automations or simply pass them on to the relevant team.

If you're building your first demo, we recommend keeping it ungated and not adding lead capture forms just yet. This will increase engagement with the demo and let you optimise it before adding in any friction. If you then eventually gate it, you're then sure your demo is effective for those that choose to enter their details.

Adding a Lead Capture Form

Lead capture form fields can easily be added to a section break anywhere in the demo as well as in the Call to Action at the end of a demo. Doing so is easy with our block editor.

Using Captured Lead Data

When a viewer fills out a lead capture form, we store the submitted data and pass it on to any destinations you've configured. Data will be available under the leads page and is forwarded to any of our integrations.

Submitted data also becomes available as a personalization variable that can be injected into annotations or the demo UI. Read the personalization guide to learn more.

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