Progression metrics through a demo help you to understand which aspects of the demo your viewers are engaging with and where they are dropping off.

The eventual goal is to get people to have viewed the entirety of your demo and take an action. You achieve this by improving the content, adjusting the length of your demos and potentially breaking your demo into different pieces using a demo checklist or a demo centre.

There are two different graphs to consider.

Step viewed conversion rate

The first shows the conversion rate of viewers between each step in your demo. This metric helps you see if there is a sudden drop in viewers between steps.

Screenshot of the step by step conversion rate seen over time

Average number of steps viewed over time

The second shows the average number of viewed steps in a demo over time. This metric helps you understand whether your changes are improving demo performance over time.

Screenshot of the average number of steps seen over time

Questions to answer with progression data

  1. Which steps in the demo are being viewed?
  2. When do viewers drop-off / stop viewing your demo?
  3. Do viewers use features like the demo checklist to revisit particular areas of your demo?

How to improve your initial engagement metrics

  1. Change the length of your demo by removing redundant steps, or auto-playing through steps.
  2. Reduce the number of "animated" steps in your demo as these can break up the flow of a viewer if not used sparingly.
  3. Introduce better "hooks" into your annotations and section breaks to keep people interested and curious about what they haven't seen yet.
  4. Add a demo checklist to your demo and break your demo up into more bite-sized experiences.
  5. Break your demo up into different themes using a demo centre.