Frequently Asked Security Questions

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For Editors

Does the HowdyGo browser extension always record my screen?

No, unless the HowdyGo Chrome extension is actively in recording mode none of your data will be collected.

How can I secure my HowdyGo publication?

If a publication is not published, it is not accessible to any 3rd party viewers.

When was your last third party penetration test performed?

The last third party penetration test was performed on 30th April 2024.

How can I remove an offboarded employee HowdyGo?

HowdyGo does not provide a login mechanism using an email address and password. Therefore, all users require access to the email address used to access HowdyGo. By removing access to their email account, you will automatically remove access to HowdyGo.

If you have separately invited a team member through an email address that is accessible to the user, please contact

For Viewers

Does HowdyGo ingest customer or prospect PII data?

Many customers opt to use a third party integration (Hubspot, Marketo, etc) so that no PII is stored in HowdyGo systems.

If you use our built-in lead collection form, the information you collect will be stored in our database and is exportable by individuals within your organization.