Getting viewers to reach the end of your demo is one of the core goals to iterating on your demos and their distribution.

Completion rates for interactive product demos vary depending on the context, but as a rough ballpark for a well performing demo:

  1. A product overview, embedded in a prominent location of your home page will sit between 30% and 40%
  2. A feature overview, embedded on a feature page can achieve around 70% completion rate.

The reason there is such a broad range is because the intent of the viewer and the purchasing stage they have reached will vary their interest.

Introducing things like "gated" lead capture forms, or putting the demo in a more difficult to find location may hamper the completion rate you achieve.

Screenshot of completion chart

Questions to answer with completion data

  1. Are viewers reaching the end of the demo?
  2. What is the number of viewers who reach the end of the demo?
  3. Do viewers return to previous steps in the demo? (What is the conversion rate?)

How to improve your completion metrics

  1. Remove "gating" lead capture forms.
  2. If you include lead capture forms, ensure the requested data is minimized.
  3. Improve your progression metrics.