Sharing as a Link

Sharing as a Link

The easiest way to share a HowdyGo demo is with a share link. This is generated for you as soon as you publish a demo and takes viewers directly to a page with your demo in it - here's an example share link page (opens in a new tab).


Share links are the simplest way to share a demo and can be used for things like:

  1. Outbound email campaigns
  2. Marketing emails like feature release updates
  3. Posts on social media
  4. Linking out to from any website
  5. Sharing a demo with your team

Getting the Share Link

Dynamic Variables

If your demo uses dynamic variables to personalize its content, you can pass them through as URL query parameters.

Taking as an example this share link,, we can pass the demo a variable called company of value Google by setting up a query parameter like this:

To learn more about dynamic variables, check out our personalization guide.

Identifying Viewers

To identify a viewer in your analytics and automatically log demo views against leads in your CRM, simply pass the viewer's email via the URL as a query parameter. This is particularly useful for email campaigns or when manually sharing a demo with a prospect.

Custom URLs

You can configure your own domain on HowdyGo so that demo share pages are hosted on your own domain rather than HowdyGo's. This means share links will look like rather than

To set up your own domain, check out our custom domain integration guide.