Editing Captured HTML

Editing Captured HTML

The HowdyGo editor lets you edit the HTML you captured when recording your demo. Yep, that's right, you can change the content of your platform after recording it!


This offers some powerful use-cases when creating a demo:

  • Personalizing for a prospect
  • Replacing placeholder text if recording a sandbox environment
  • Replace number labels and callouts in charts to tell a specific story
  • Fixing up typos in the underlying website
  • Anonymising recorded user names

Editing HTML Text

The HTML editor allows you to simply click on and edit any text inside your demo capture. If you want to replace all occurrences of specific text in a demo, you can use find and replace to ensure you replace text everywhere it appears in the demo.

Editing Images

Image editing is currently in beta, to get access please message our support team.

HowdyGo allows you to replace any images within your capture. This can be particularly helpful for branding a demo for customers by using their logos.

Using Variables

HowdyGo supports the use of variables to dynamically insert text and replace images in the underlying recording. Variables can be passed into the demo via its URL. To learn more please refer to the personalization guide.