Actions Taken by Leads

Actions taken by leads

In most cases, the underlying intent for an interactive product demo is to get someone to perform an action.

HowdyGo facilitates those actions by providing a call-to-action step at the end of every demo.

In this call to action, we generally recommend having one (maybe two) buttons that direct the viewer to the next stage of your funnel.

Typically this will be something like:

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Sign up now
  3. Contact us
  4. Book a call

These metrics can be influenced by the button that you set as the "Primary" button and the offering you present to the viewer.

Remember, that these viewers have just taken the time to go through your entire demo. They're ready to take the next step, if you can show them the way.

We present two metrics here:

  1. CTA Primary Button Clicked - How many people have clicked your primary button
  2. CTA Primary Button Clicks by End Point - Allowing you to segment clicks by where the lead is taken by the button click.

Screenshot of CTA clicks chart

Questions to answer with completion data

  1. Do viewers click on the call-to-action buttons?
  2. Which buttons do they click on?
  3. How many people do this, relative to the number who have reached the end of the demo?

How to improve your completion metrics

  1. Swap the buttons - we've seen that simply swapping the primary and secondary button has increased click-throughs by almost 20% overnight.
  2. Change the text in your buttons to make it more appealing.
  3. Simplify the text content on the final CTA step.
  4. Change the offering, instead of saying "Book a call", offer something like "Get started today"