📈 Grow


The ability to track and optimize your interactive product demos is important. At HowdyGo, we like to call this process Grow, because it's all about growing engagement and growing your pipeline.

We explain how you can use data to analyze your interactive product demos and the actions you can take to improve your demos based on what you see.

Screenshot of analytics dashboard

A worked example of how you can use HowdyGo analytics

You have a demo of 12 steps and it's getting reasonably good initial engagement, but you notice that your completion rate isn't great.

You review the step viewed conversion rate and note that the conversion rate between steps 6 and 8 is quite low. This leads you to reduce the content on step 7 and improve the "hook" to continue viewing the demo.

🎉 You note that the average number of steps viewed metric is improving over time.

🎉 This leads to an increase in completion rate and you start to see more viewers taking action after viewing.

Interactive product demo analytics in steps

Each page goes into specifics about the data you can view, what sort of questions it answers and what we suggest changing in your demo to improve engagement and conversions.


Impressions are the number of people who see your demo.

Why it matters

If not enough people see the demo, you won't be able to iterate on your demos enough to improve the subsequent metrics.

Initial Engagements

Initial Engagements are interactions of the viewer with your demo.

Why it matters

By improving initial engagement with your demo, you can start to think about how many steps people are seeing. But if you can't get that initial engagement high enough, you won't be able to improve your progression statistics.


Progression metrics identify how much of your demo is being viewed, and where you are seeing people drop-off.

Why it matters

By understanding which steps of your demo are being viewed, or re-viewed you can refine the body and length of your demo to increase these metrics.


Completions capture the people who have viewed the entirety of your demo and whether they have returned to a previous step.

Why it matters

These viewers are highly engaged, whether they taken an action or not. This is where we start to consider the actions that they take, and also the actions that you can take to grow your pipeline.

Actions Taken by Leads

Actions taken by leads capture the people who interact with your call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and which CTA button have they interacted with.

Why it matters

You can directly attribute demo views to conversions. In some cases, we have increased actions taken by up to 10-15% simply by changing the primary button on the demos.