Building a Demo Center

Building a Demo Center

Demo Centres are currently in beta, to get access please message our support team.

For complex platforms, it can be difficult to provide enough detail for each of your core features in a single demo. For this reason, we recommend building out a library of demos that offers deeper dives into topics your viewers might want to learn more about.

The best way to give your prospects access to these deep-dive demos is via a Demo Centre. Essentially, a page that lets them self-select the features they want to learn more about. Of course, you can just build your own, but using HowdyGo's Demo Centres is the easiest way of getting up and running.

Fully Hosted Demo Center

HowdyGo's fully hosted Demo Center is the easiest way to get up and running. Simply select which demos you'd like to serve, provide a blurb for each and we'll give you a branded page you can link prospects out to. It will utilise your logo and branding and if you have set up a custom domain integration, it can even be hosted on your own domain.

Screenshot of Ansarada Demo Center

Embedded Demo Center

If you prefer having your demo centre embedded within a page so that you can add more content around it (eg - a hero, other links or a call to action form...) you can simply embed our demo centre in one of your website's pages. The embedding process is nice and simple and very similar to the way you embed individual demos on a page.

Screenshot of embedded Ansarada Demo Center